Traveling Again?

Traveling Again?

For my job, sometimes I have to travel and while I've been hesitant to get on a plane in the midst of a global pandemic, I decided to don my mask, social distance and hop on a Delta flight for my business trip. (Image right)

I must say it wasn't as bad as I expected. Everyone was required to wear masks on the plane and they even gave us sanitizer wipes when we walked on board. Every middle seat was left open, which I much appreciated.

Instead of the large rolling cart down the middle of the aisle, our snacks came in baggies like this one, with a water, Cheez-its, cookies and a hand sanitizer pack inside. This was much more efficient for the attendants to hand out, even if I did miss my cranapple juice.

Other than having to wear a mask all day, even while trekking through the airport, the flight was enjoyable and best yet...I didn't get COVID.

Cave of Secrets Debuts in October!

Good news! October is almost here and Cave of Secrets will make it's debut in stores on the 13th! Thank goodness that date is a Tuesday and not Friday. :)

Cave of Secrets is now available for online preorder on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target and Walmart! Click on the links below.






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