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Talkin' with Darlene L. Turner - and a Giveaway!

Instructions for Giveaway Drawing! Read the interview and find the Giveaway Question. Place your answer in the comments below and you will be entered to win a free copy of Abducted in Alaska!

Thank you so much for having me on your blog. It’s fun to share tidbits about my writing, ideas, etc. Here we go!

What was the inspiration behind Abducted in Alaska?

I visited both the Yukon and Alaska when my brother lived in Whitehorse, Yukon. When I started writing I thought it would be a great place to set a novel. I wanted to include a child in the story and that’s when the kidnapping / child labor ring came to mind.

Do you ever write a little bit of yourself in your books?

Yes, at times. Sometimes it’s little things from my childhood. Other times, it’s something I’ve struggled with. In Abducted in Alaska Hannah finds out she may not be able to have children and this crushes her. My hubby and I weren’t able to have children, so the feelings Hannah has to deal with were similar to what I wrestled with in my own experience.

Have you ever received a rejection?

Yes, of course. Many, but I learned from each one and pressed forward! They say that each rejection leads you to the “one.”

Have you ever won any awards for your writing?

Yes, three! Two Daphne awards and one ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Genesis award. So humbled and blessed.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love to tole paint. This is painting designs onto wood surfaces. It’s fun and relaxes me. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time to paint as I would like! I also love to watch movies and read.

Tell us a bit about Abducted in Alaska?

Hannah Morgan and Layke (pronounced “lake”) Jackson have to join forces to solve a deadly child labor smuggling ring all while protecting Gabe, the boy who escaped. Their lives are in more danger the closer they get to solving the case.

What is your typical day like?

I’m now retired, so my days are devoted to writing, social media, etc! I start my day with devotions and then some exercise (oh…don’t forget the coffee!). Each day can be different, but I try and finish my day mid-late afternoon. Sometimes I get right back up to my office after supper. Sometimes I spend the evening reading, painting, or watching television. Depends on deadlines and how much I need to unwind! ;-)

When did you start writing?

When I was young, I loved to read Nancy Drew, so I started writing my own version – the “Mindy Dobson” series. I wish I’d kept them as it would be fun to go back and read it (and laugh). I always wanted to write but stopped until I was older. I got more serious about writing ten years ago.

What advice would you give to other writers trying to break into the Christian market?

I’ve dreamed that someone would ask me that someday. J I would say keep on and don’t give up. I know that’s easy to say as there were times when I felt like giving up, but I had many supporters cheer me on. Also, read writing books, go to conferences, and find a writing mentor. These will all help you.

What do you hope your readers will glean from your Abducted in Alaska book?

I want readers to learn what I learned when I went through hard times. That’s there’s JOY in forgiveness. If we hold on to our anger and resentment, it will lead to bitterness. Forgiveness will unlock it and bring Joy. I’m living proof of that.

What books are on your nightstand right now?

Anne of Green Gables and The Anne of Green Gables Devotional by Rachel Dodge. I’m having fun reading each chapter before the corresponding devotional.

Fun Facts:

Go-to writing snack or drink: Coffee!

Something you must do or have to write: A Christmas suspense or a book for a Christmas Hallmark movie! J

If Abducted in Alaska was turned into a movie, who would you cast as the leads? My inspirations for these characters – Rachelle Lefevre and Henry Cavill

Candy, cookies, or cake?

How about all three? If I had to choose…probably cookies.

Favorite TV show?

I have many (mostly suspense shows) but would have to say When Calls the Heart – it’s such a wholesome show and has a handsome Mountie in it (What more do you want?) It’s also based on books by a fellow Canadian author! J I’m a Heartie!

Favorite Movie?

Lord of the Rings

Any hobbies? Pets? Activities?

I love to tole paint – this is painting on wood pieces. Of course, I love to read. No pets but if my husband wasn’t allergic, we’d have a cat (or two).

Cat or Dog


Paperback or e-book?

Definitely paperback. There’s just something about holding a book in your hands!

Question for prize: Who is your favorite author and why?


Answer the question above in the comments below and one person will win an e-book copy of Abducted in Alaska!


Darlene L. Turner’s love of suspense began when she read her first Nancy Drew book. She’s turned that passion into her writing and believes readers will be captured by her plots, inspired by her strong characters, and moved by her inspirational message.

Darlene won the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense twice and an ACFW Genesis award. She’s represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency. Her debut book, Border Breach, released in April, 2020 with Love Inspired Suspense. She has two books releasing in 2021: Abducted in Alaska (March) and Lethal Cover-Up (August).

Darlene met her husband Jeff at the turtle races in Ontario, Canada. She loves flavored coffee and plaid shirts. You can connect with Darlene at where there’s suspense beyond borders.

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Instagram: darlenel.turner


Back cover copy:

Protecting a child… could cost them their lives. Saving a boy who has escaped his captors puts Canadian border patrol officer Hannah Morgan right into the path of a ruthless child-smuggling ring. Now with help from police constable Layke Jackson, she must keep the child safe. But can they rescue the other abducted children and bring down the gang…all while protecting a little boy and keeping themselves alive?

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