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Summer Time Fun

Hi all,

Our summer is about to come to an end with work starting back up next week. I hope you’ve had some lovely vacation time with your family and friends and found some relaxation and peace for your lazy, hazy days.

Here are some of the things we’ve done:

Finish off your playtime of summer well and here are a few writing tips to help you get back into the swing of completing those novels!

1) Set aside time every day to write. Sometimes finding those minutes to get words on the page is difficult, but even five hundred words a day adds up to 90,000 words in six months. That’s a complete novel finished in six months. Several authors publish one book a year. At five hundred words a day that’s two books in the same amount of time!

2) Incorporate friends. I have a writing squad of amazing, talented writers, some published, some not. We meet up three times a week via web conferencing chat about our works in progress then conduct fifteen-minute sprints to get as many possible words as we can in that timeframe. We spend about an hour to an hour and a half getting our words on the page. So helpful in getting writing completed.

3) Pray for God to bless your efforts. As an inspirational author, I always want my stories to build up hope and peace in my reader’s lives. Therefore, I ask the creator of hope and peace to bless my work. Often times, I’m amazed at the lessons in life I learn as God teaches me through my own stories. I hope one day, they will be a blessing in print for my reader’s too.

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